About Me

Lead developer

I’m a full stack developer @ Keyrus

I’m a full stack developer living in Paris, France. I spend my days on many different areas of web development from back end (PHP) to front end programming (HTML, CSS, and jQuery/Javascript).

I’m extremely passionate about web development in all its forms. Aside from web development, I enjoy spending my time with my little family, playing music, taking photos and traveling.


Developpement Web

Web Developper

Back-end (PHP, MySQL, Solr, Framworks...)

Font-end (HTML, CCSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, Grunt...)

Environnement / Outils

Environnement / Tools

Environnement (Linux, Windows, VM...)

Versionning (Git, Jenkins, SVN ...)


Project Managment

Certification : Professional Scrum Master I

Bitbucket, Confluence, Redmine...

Scrum, agil methodologies